One hour with a personal trainer for:


Hot Yoga Therapy: A form of hatha yoga practiced in a heated room of 38°C that purifies and relaxes the body and mind;

Power Yoga: A rigorous form of dynamic yoga. A practice of synchrony between breath, movement, harmony and inner listening;

Ashtanga Yoga: Sequence of yoga position that flow trhough the breath in absolute respect of the looseness of the back and elasticity of the muscles. It encourages listening and awareness of the body and inner listening;

Vinyasa Yoga: Succession of positions outside the usual patterns of traditional yoga. Guided by the flow of the breath, it gives the body cardiovascular benefits, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and reduces tress levels;

Postural Yoga: Postural static and dynamic sequence that aid the body within therapy;

Pranayama Yoga: Breathing techniques to help absorb and control the vital energy of the body. It aids the mind to become stable, strong, and calm by awakening your deep potential;

Therapy for your MIND / Therapy for your BODY / Therapy for your ENERGY

Myofascial Therapy
Deep tissue massage with decisive pressure that focyses on the muscle fibers and connective tissue.
Benefits: Relieves muscle tension, Stimulates the elasticity in connective tissue, Reduce inflammations that cause pain.

Meridian Therapy
Energy massage therapy that focuses on compression and acupressure along the meridian line.
Benefits: Rebalances the energy flow, Relieves disturbances caused by stress, Returns vigor and strength to the body.

Trigger Point Therapy
Benefits: Rediscovers flexibility and functionality, Restores tensions well-being, Relieves tension in muscles and joints, Alleviates stress.